Intermediary Transcendence Proxy from michael milano on Vimeo.

Intermediary Transcendence Proxy

Intermediary Transcendence Proxy (ITP), 11.16.16, is an exploration of labor in a future where proxies are used in jobs that currently would be done by an automated machine. In this narrative proxies are defined by a technological tool that serves as an intermediary to the task at hand. These proxies explore a technical device’s functionality while putting the power and labor back in the hands of the worker. Each of the three scenarios challenge and push the limits of Marshall McLuhan's concepts of media. Specifically the idea that, “All media are extensions of some human faculty – psychic or physical” (The Medium is the Massage, McLuhan 26). This is explored by focusing on an absurd outcome of each proxy. In the first scenario, the office worker is simply a vessel for a community of outsourced workers around the world. The office “worker” sits at his desk puts on the office issued arm proxies (pictured below) and starts his work day. At the same time people from all over the world put on their work gloves and begin working remotely to operate his arm proxies (see below). He falls asleep as the contract workers type away getting many jobs done at the same time.

To see my process please visit ITP on GitHub